Ju&Ju Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Gaming Floor Chair

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14-Position Memory Foam Gaming Floor Chair Folding Comfort Lazy Sofa with Comfort Back Support

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Love gaming but feel not comfortable on your seat!  Want to spend some time reading favorite books, but the chair is not suitable. The best seat for your extended sitting duration is here now! This Ju&Ju Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Gaming Floor Chair is best to add comfort in the house. The grey color makes it looks cool and decent. It can be placed anywhere in the home and suits well among the interior and furniture.

Want to snooze for a little time. This 14 positions lazy sofa will help as it can be adjusted in 14 positions. Want to watch a movie with family or friends. This cozy & comfy chair is the best solution as it can be placed flat.

However, it can be used as a gaming chair, can be used in the study room as well as in the living room. The material used for manufacturing is high quality certified. The quality of memory foam makes it reliable to use. The reviewers are loving this chair’s coziness and considering it the best addition in their home.


  • Foldable
  • High-quality material
  • Adjustable in 14 positions
  • Comfortable
  • Back support

Some of the amazing features of Ju&Ju are given below.


We have considered this feature of chair most important as the comfortableness of this chair is remarkable.  The material used for manufacturing, the memory foam makes it cozier than any other chair in the market. So when feeling tired, use this seat to relax for some time and you must love it.

Multiple Purpose

It is best for kids as they can play the game, do their school assignments, and watch cartoons while sitting comfortably.

Best for doing office work while having a comfortable sitting.


This Ju&Ju Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Gaming Floor Chair is adjustable in 14 positions. It can be used according to mood. So now it’s your choice to in which pose want to sit. Use it for gaming, watching movies, reading and working. It’s a perfect solution for all problems.  

Back support help to read books and during video gaming as it keeps the head up. Want to have fun with any friend, then put it flat and enjoy.


The seat is easy to take anywhere due to its foldable feature. Want to sit comfortably during office work or enjoy the sunlight during cold winter days while no compromise on comfort. This chair is excellent in its genre. Going to a park to enjoy some time! Take it with you and enjoy the scenes of flowers and greenery.

Light Weight

The weight of this exceptional chair is only 9.4 pounds. It’s easy to carry due to less weight. So its place can be changed easily as well as you can take it anywhere with you because it’s foldable and light in weight.


  • Flat Dimensions: 43"(L) x 20"(W) x 5"(H)
  • Folded Dimensions: 24"(L) x 21"(W) x 19"(H)

Easy to store

This Ju&Ju Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Gaming Floor Chair is easy to store and reviewers are liking the chair due to this feature. Fold and pack it to store in the days of no use. It can be easily stored under the bed or couch.


The reviews of this product are showing that it is reliable. So, it’s obvious that once you pay for it, then you are going to benefit from it for a long period of time.