Top 10 Best Japanese Floor Chair Reviews 2020

Ever thought about the reason behind the Japanese youth, beauty and fitness? Surely, they make a number of healthy lifestyle choices, which include their relaxing routines and yoga poses.

A Zaisu is a Japanese chair that has been especially designed for the correct sitting postures and various asanas of yoga. It has a normal chair back and seat but has no legs. They are placed in the traditional Japanese rooms along with the tatami mats. As the Japanese routines of yoga and relaxation become more and more popular, Zaisus are high in demand. This is why we have sorted out 10 of the best Japanese floor chairs so that our readers can select easily.

Best Japanese Floor Chairs 2020

  1. Zaisu Japanese Style
  2. ZEN'S BAMBOO Large Width Seat
  3. Oriental Furniture Tatami Backrest Chair
  4. ZENDO Foldable
  5. Wood Tatami Japanese Seating
  6. Oriental Furniture Tatami Chair
  7. Veniall Sitting Seat Wood L Shaped
  8. H&U Slim Low weight Folding chair

1. Zaisu Japanese Style Floor Chair

Adjustable Multiangle Folding Floor chair

Ideal for meditation and other relaxing techniques, This Zaisu Japanese style chair is comfortable and equally stylish. The best feature about this chair is that it is easily foldable. Hence you can easily take it out in your garden or any other room, place it anywhere, and store it in compact space. Although it is light in weight, it is sturdy and resilient. It lasts longer than many other brands.

The structure of chair is designed so as to keep the spine straight and provide optimum support to the back. This alleviates many sorts of backaches and inculcates good posture.

Specs and Pros

  • Dimensions: 17.5′′ back length. 15 x 15′′ cushion
  • Can also be used for watching TV, playing cards or for eating at a low table
  • Constructed out of finest quality oak wood
  • It matches with most interior decors

What We Don't Like

  • Back gets uncomfortable without appropriate padding

2. ZEN'S BAMBOO Floor Seat for Living Room Japanese Tatami Chair with Cushion Accent Furniture

ZEN'S BAMBOO Floor Seat Chair for Living Room Japanese Balcony Chair with Cushion Accent Furniture

Bamboo is perhaps the eco-friendliest natural material, and that is why high-quality bamboo is used to create this masterpiece. Zen’s Japanese style bamboo chair is ideal for various purposes. It can be used for casual coffee sittings, reading, watching TV or for various relaxation techniques. It offers convenience because it features a unique yet simple body design. It ideally fits any low table or console and offers comfort, portability and versatility. To add to its features, the seat features a comfortable cushioned seat with foam filling. The cushion cover is easily removable and can be washed. During summers, he user can comfortably sit on chair without the cushioned seat, because it feels cooler this way.

Specs and Pros

  • Chair size: 18.11(L)*16.73(W)*13.78(H)inch
  • Cushion Size: 14.7*14.7*1.18 inch.
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Multi-purpose seat with convenience of portability
  • Smooth edges to prevent injuries to young children
  • For use in all four seasons.
  • Sturdy in use yet aesthetically pleasing

What We Don't Like

  • Requires post purchase assembly.
  • Low back is not comfortable for everyone

3. Oriental Furniture Tatami Meditation Backrest Chair

ORIENTAL FURNITURE Tatami Meditation Backrest Chair - Black & Red Hibiscus

Oriental Furniture strikes again with another beautiful product. It’s just like classic Japanese tatami floor chairs but this time with a printed cover and comfortable inside stuffing. The elegant red cover has the famous and original Japanese geisha design upon it which gives you the feel of real Japanese. Being comfort conscious this might be the perfect Japanese chair for you.

Be it gaming, mediation, reading books or any other purpose well served by a floor chair, the Tatami Meditation chair got it all. It is perfectly sturdy because of a high quality frame inside it. This padding and foaming on this frame means that the frame won’t feel or hurt your back. Just as a matter of fact, Japanese students also use these chairs for studying and offering there prayers therefore, you can also dig in for more uses of a Japanese floor chair. Above all features, this is a visually appealing chair and a perfectly formal option. Whether office or an extra seating space for some uninvited guests, Oriental Tatami got your back!

Specs and Pros

  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Ideal for comfortable gaming
  • Quality printed geisha design
  • About 17 inches high
  • 0
  • Lightweight as 5.5 pounds

What We Don't Like

  • Difficult to store when not in use

4. ZENDO Foldable Floor Chair - Japanese Style Tatami Zaisu

ZENDO Foldable Floor Chair Japanese Style Tatami Zaisu (Two-Pack)

For those who want to design a tatami-style at their home, ZENDO’s chair is ideal for them. ZENDO’s Zaisu is easily foldable and proves to be compact and convenient. It can be placed in smaller seating spaces and can be stored in compact space. Unlike many other low-level brands, no PCM or Styrofoam has been used. Instead, the structure is comprised of solid pines and stainless-steel joints. The wood is light yet sturdy and makes the chair durable and resilient.

Specs and Pros

  • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 220 lbs
  • Also features a backrest to prevent back problems
  • Ideal for reading, game playing, watching TV or meditation
  • Features the best possible lumbar support

What We Don't Like

  • The angle of chair is not acceptable

5. Portable Floor Chair, Zenlink Padded Back Frame, Comfortable and Versatile Folding Chair

Portable Floor Chair, Zenlink Padded Back Frame, Comfortable and Versatile Folding Chair with Adjustable Angle Back-Rest for Meditation, Yoga, Reading, TV Watching or Gaming, Relaxing, Black

Zenlink black padded chair is one with multiple uses. It can be conveniently used for relaxation techniques, performing various yoga asanas, reading, gaming and watching TV. With its 1 cm thick foam cover, it provides premium comfort for long time uses. It can also be adjusted according to the requirements of different activities. Moreover, it has a flexible backrest which can be adjusted to different positions according to comfort of different individuals. One can also choose from 2 different colors as well. Its structure is composed of beech and iron which makes it resilient and sturdy.

Specs and Pros

  • Dimensions: 56*48 *15cm/ 22.05 *18.90 *5.91 inches (L* W * H) After folded
  • Product dimensions: 56* 48* 43cm/22.05 *18.90 *16.93 inches (L * W * H) Before folded
  • Item weight: 3.3 kg/7.28 lbs.
  • It prevents slouching by promoting correct back posture.
  • The angle of its backrest is conveniently adjustable.
  • It is easily foldable and offers storage convenience

What We Don't Like

  • Maximum weight bearing capacity is less than 200 lbs.

6. Oriental Furniture Tatami Chair

Oriental Furniture Tatami Chair

This tatami chair is truest in design and is closest to[IW1] [IW2] an original Japanese floor chair. It is constructed out of phillipine mahogany which is 100% kiln dried. To give you the best of the comfort this amazing floor chair features an upholstered bottom seat and back, which is all padded in foam. Thus, you won’t be hurting your back if you lie down on this chair all the way. The black painted frame and the high quality printed cover on the chair requires just a wet wipe to clean it up. This way, another problem solved too!

Japanese floor chairs are although very small but at one moment or the other you must have faced the difficulty of storing them when not in use so let us tell you that the Tatami Chair by Oriental Furniture has a foldable design by which you can fold the chair inwards in such a way that the back joins with the seat and you can store the chair anywhere, easily. The steel hinges are durable enough which means that Tatami chair is a strong choice even for those who are overweight.

Specs and Pros

  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • 20.5 inches high, good choice for mediators
  • 100% kiln-dried inside stuffing
  • Comfortable choice for young ones

What We Don't Like

  • Requires minor assembly
  • Fabric is a little bit rough

7. Floor Chair Japanese Legless Sitting Seat

This Japanese floor chair by Veniall is one of its own kind and probably only well suited for Japanese only. This is because it is a non-cushioned and non-padded chair. Simply, wood crafted in a perfect way. However, this chair is purely Japanese style and best suited for mediation etc. Just straighten out your back when needed. This lightweight package is portable enough. However, it is not foldable as it is purely wood but extremely durable. This chair is available in two interactive colors. In case you are too much comfort conscious and you love the quality of this chair too, no worries at all we have a perfect solution to it. You can add external cushioning to this chair i.e. simply place a cushion or a small pillow at the seat or the back so you can enjoy the lavish comfort, this chair has to offer you. The ergonomic design of this chair gives you a really good feeling while you mediate or rest upon it for some time.

Specs and Pros

  • Walnut and Cherry color available
  • All pure wood, no stuffing
  • Lightweight and Portable

What We Don't Like

  • It isn't foldable
  • External cushioning required

8. Japanese Traditional Furniture Living Room Floor seating Mahogany Finish Legless Zaisu Tatami Legless Designer Chair

Japanese Traditional Furntiure Living Room Floor Chair Mahogany Finish Legless Zaisu Tatami Legless Designer Chair 181517

Traditional Tatami Japanese chairs always fascinate people because most of them are ergonomic and comfortable. This Tatami chair by General furniture is an amazing choice for those who love Japanese chairs with seats only so they can have a memorable and calm meditation experience without any back pains etc. The curvy design in the back of this seat eliminates the need of external cushioning if you are only sitting there for a few moments and no more than that.

The simplistic Zen design means that this chair has no leg support which most of the Japanese chairs don’t have. This seat is made up of high quality, polished plywood with some walnut color finish. The padded base makes it lovely to use. And you must know something about this amazing padding, it is made up of pure fabric which is easy to clean and serves as a great inside stuffing. The specs and pros will give you a detailed insight on this product.

Specs and Pros

  • 17 inches high back, exceptionally more than normal Japanese chairs
  • Weighs approximately 15 kg
  • Leisure chair, allows full comfort
  • Typical Japanese chair with legless design
  • Plywood crafting with walnut finish

What We Don't Like

  • Lack of arm rest support
  • Unpadded back feels odd