Best Floor Gaming Chair Reviews 2020: Floor Seats for Gaming

Do you want to buy a best floor gaming chair with speakers and it should look cool. Well, I have used many chairs. We as company researched and picked top 10 floor seats for gaming.

Video Gaming is an expensive hobby. It might cost you a lot of money. Not just the perfect gaming gear i.e. a keyboard and a gaming mouse is necessary but a comfortable floor chair also plays an important role in deciding your win. Be it Far Cry 5 or Assassin's Creed, no one can ignore the importance of a gaming floor chair.

So, the market is all saturated with different techy and cool chairs for games, but all have something in particular which makes it above all. Don't worry if your gamer friends are busy with tournaments and championships, we are here to guide you about the Top 10 Best gaming floor seats and that which one actually caught us like the best one.

10 Best Floor Gaming Chairs to Buy in 2020

  1. X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black with Vibration, Wireless
  2. X Rocker 5171401 Fox
  3. XRocker Surge Wireless + Bluetooth
  4. Cohesion XP 2.1 with Audio Speakers
  5. Proxelle Chair for Console Gaming
  6. X Floor Rocker Drift Wireless
  7. Rocker Extreme III 2.0
  8. Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE 2 with Arms
  9. BirdRock: The Cheap and Simple
  10. X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal

Do you want the best gaming chairs to sit on the floor? so here is the list of top 10 floor seats for playing games.

1. X Rocker Floor Chair Gaming Pro 4.1 (Editor's Choice)

Gaming chair by X Rocker Pro Audio

X Rocker Gaming Chair is the one you might be looking for. It is a multipurpose chair which surrounds the user with interactive audio. Yeah, finally you don't have to worry about the radio chats in stealth mode. You get to hear it al crystal clear, after all four high quality speakers got your back!

To have a full body experience, the company has some motors integrated in the chair. These motors sync with the game moves and the bass tones to enhance your gam skills. If you ever feel too much vibration or if you are not at all comfortable with vibration, then X Rocker chair has a control panel for the perfect adjustment of vibration and sound levels. Separate input and output jacks makes your life easier, connect with your favorite audio source (mobile etc.) or connect with other X Rockers as in for multiplayer games. This floor chair has by far the best and comfortable leather covering. It supports your back and gives you a nice support.


  • Built in radio wireless transmitter receiver system
  • RCA outputs with cables included in the package
  • Works just fine with iPods, TV's, CD's or DVD's and most other gaming devices
  • Relaxing and fine back support, play tirelessly
  • Effective speaker system surrounds you with perfect sounds


  • Some problems with PS4
  • Elbow rests are way back
  • Tall people, beware! (Not enough height of backrest)

2. X Rocker 5171401 Fox Wireless

X Rocker 5171401 Fox Wireless 2.1 Sound Video Gaming Chair

Yet another X Rocker chair is there for you. This chair is a bit of modern and techy stuff. Usually a gaming chair has two speakers, forward facing. However, in this X Rocker chair there are four speakers which will totally immerse you in high quality sound. Powerful subwoofers use the AFM technology to create the best mix of bass and sound, therefore making your game experience ever memorable.

The techy part here are the additional motors which sync with your body movement to give vibrational movements as of the game. Optional RCA Cables are also included to help you connect with other X Rockers.


  • Padded headrest and armrests.
  • More stable and sturdier than other X Rockers.
  • Additional subwoofers and AFM technology for perfect sound.


  • Optional cables are cheap quality
  • It is after all expensive
  • Short height

3. X Rocker 5172601 Surge with Bluetooth Speakers

Surge Bluetooth gaming Chair

X Rocker for hardcore gamers only. Reason behind is the cool stuff they integrate in their chairs, it is just beyond the level of satisfaction. Frankly speaking, where most of the features never actually come to use but they just help you in a perfect experience anytime you use them. Under 150 bucks, the X Rocker Bluetooth is something you can easily lay hands on. This chair might not get you the best with sound because there are two speakers only but there is no more the chaos of audio cables etc. Bluetooth is enabled in the chair so you can connect your audio device with Bluetooth. The backrest is extremely ergonomic and comfortable and the sides of this seat contains the signature control panel of X Rocker, to adjust the volume and bass control as suited best. It is a lightweight package which requires minor assembly procedure.


  • Fabric Material, soft and fancy covering.
  • All high quality foamy padding.
  • Optional RCA Cables included.
  • Equally best for listening to music only or watching TV.


  • Short circuit problems reported within electrical components.
  • Cord length is short.
  • Fabric cover is more fragile.

4. Cohesion XP 2.1 Seat

cohesion xp chair with audio.jpg

Cohesion gaming chair is there as your fourth best choice. For those who are less on budget and still want to have a gaming seat which gives you the feel of expert gamers, XP 2.1 is the dream chair for them. The built in two speakers in the chair gives you high quality gaming audio. You can even connect your favorite audio device with this chair and listen to some rock music while you drive in Asphalt.

Most importantly this chair is a lightweight stuff but don't let this fact lead you to the conclusion that the inside stuffing is poor. Not at all, the backrest along with the seat is perfectly ergonomic. Next thing you should know about this chair is that just at an arm's length are located the volume control buttons and audio input/output cables. Cohesion XP chair is a certified chair unlike most other gaming chairs as it already meets all the standards of Consumer Product Safety Commission. This chair is actually a great option for children and young gamers.


  • Colorful and catchy padding.
  • Lightweight than most others.
  • Less electrical components (less risk of short circuit).
  • Designed for young gamers


  • Speaker part is a bit weak.
  • Breaks away for adults and heavy people.
  • Poor quality hinges are used.

5. Proxelle Gamerican Chair for Console Gaming

Proxelle Gamerican Wireless Chairs to play games

Proxelle is taking gaming to a whole new level by inventing its all new chair. This chair is a perfect option if you are worried about storing your seats. This is a foldable chair so you can store it easily as well as it has special "pockets" so you can store your gaming gear in it. Be it keyboards, mouse, controller or CD's, DVD's etc. Proxelle Gamerican is a comfortable chair which gives you options to play your favorite games like a pro. Though artificial leather but comfort level of this chair is 100% ultimate.

Let's talk about the audio quality of this chair. You can simply connect the audio cable with XBOX, PS4, iPod, DVD or any of the other favorites' devices you like. Powerful speakers surround you with perfect sound and no customer complained about the speaker quality of this chair. This chair can fold inwards and you can even stack them over one another. This helps you to store a chair very easily. Audio control panel beside the chair allows you to control volume as desired. Moreover, the input, output panels.


  • Fully compatible with most devices
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design.
  • Sound systems are much improved.
  • Mesh pockets on side to store gaming equipment.
  • Artificial leather coverings.


  • Works only when you connect it with power source.
  • It is pretty much expensive.
  • It is okay for people up to 6 feet 5 inches tall.

6. X Rocker Drift Wireless Seat for Gaming

Wireless chair wiht Drifting property

X Rocker is a well-known company in the field of gaming equipment. Particularly the chairs they make, are full of useful features. If you are interested in pro gaming, then X Rocker Drift Wireless would leave you breathless. As the name implies, the X Rocker chair is wireless, which means that you don’t have to worry for a power source nearby your gaming setup. Most chairs require a direct power input and won’t work otherwise but here the scenario is different.

The design of this chair is above all. Black and white checkered covering seems racing inspired and gives the feel of gaming. The wireless radio transmitter receiver system is already a part of this chair so you don’t have to spend money on buying this setup externally. The two speakers on the top of the chair surround you with high quality sound and these speakers are also compatible with most of your favorite devices and you connect with them. In Fact while taking short breaks from your game, you can rest and even listen to some music in the leisure time. Let’s see the pros and cons.


  • Separate sound and bass controls to make the perfect sound.
  • RCA outputs and RCA Cables included.
  • Racing inspired black and white cover.
  • Connect with other X Rockers easily.


  • Race stripes were reported to fade away.
  • Back isn’t very high for adults.
  • Lack of neck support.

7. X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 - BEST CHOICE

V Rock Floor Seating for Gaming

So, all the X Rocker's might have led you to the decision of buying one but don't do that before reading about V Rocker. Sure, it would have some cons but then we all know that nothing is perfect. The V Rocker chair is just as comfortable as your car’s chair. Game on it for hours, you won't feel tired at all as you don't when even you drive for hours and hours.

Two speakers forward facing are an added advantage because they give you real sound unlike the top facing ones. V Rocker has added its own patented interactive audio technology, just to give you the perfect gaming experience. This chair has a similar side control panel for voice control with input/output audio jacks. The chair gives you an ergonomic design with a higher back support. Therefore, this chair is equally beneficial for adult gamers.


  • Foldable design.
  • Covered in durable vinyl, lasts longer.
  • Oversized for extra comfort.
  • Subwoofers give high quality sound.


  • Lack of arm rest support.
  • Base is less stable.
  • Thin padding on the back.

8. Ace Bayou X Rocker 5127401 Gaming Seat with Arms

Ace Bayou Peestal Video Gaming Seating Ideas

Floor gaming chairs are the most practical option ever to start with gaming. Console games are difficult to play on the usual chairs therefore Ace Bayou came up with a high-quality floor gaming chair which is compatible with many of your favorite devices even many of the older devices like Gameboy, Nintendo, MP3s and DVDs. Ace Bayou has a sound system with subwoofers that allow you to relax with some classical music as you take a break from games.

In most chairs except the ones by X Rocker, a wireless radio transmitter receiver system is missing. This causes great problems. However, Ace Bayou has a radio transmitter receiver system. Similarly, the audio transmission is wireless along with a side volume control panel for use comfort. The input/output audio jacks will help you to connect with any audio device you like.


  • Comfortable backrest and arm rest support.
  • Easy to clean due to vinyl covering.
  • Foldable design, easy to store.
  • Easy to assemble and sturdy.
  • Clear sound due to HD Bass speaker.


  • Doesn’t works best with PS4.
  • Battery Timing is less.
  • Not good for tall people.

9. BirdRock Home - Cheap Gaming Chair

14 Position Memory Form Floor gaming chair by BirdRock

We gamers always desperately wait for the release of new version of FIFA or GTA or COD or whatever one’s favorite is. This chair by BirdRock is for night owl gamers, who are enthusiastic about gaming. Although not even a little bit of techy stuff is seen here but comfort wise, this is the one. It is available in interactive colors and designs and the fascinating part is the padding upon it. Chopped memory foam with a bit of crisp of soft plush fabric, and those ridges and groves sync with your body weight to give you an ultimate level of comfort.

More is yet to come as the backrest of this chair is adjustable unlike most of the techy chairs. There are fourteen stops from 90° to flat 180°. Thus, you also have the perfect neck support without adding extra cushions or anything like that. A chair like that without much of the electrical stuff makes it safe as well as protects you from harmful radiations of wireless radio transmitters and receivers plus you can generically use such a chair. A look into the pros and cons will give you further insight on what the chair actually is.


  • Lay flats to store easily, stack them on each other.
  • More universal to use.
  • Greater level of comfort.
  • Adjustable back and neck support.


  • Requires minor adjustments for tall people.
  • Over firm cushions for some people.
  • Not for tall people.

10. X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1

X Rocket PRO Series Pedestal Gaming chairs

Finally, our last product is actually a masterpiece by X Rocker. The company was receiving a lot of complains for stability so they decided to clear this defect in their future design. Hence, a circular baseplate in this version of X Rocker makes it extra stable. RCA Stereo outputs along with RCA cables, as always are included with the package. Gunstock arm design is ergonomic at it’s best so you can game for hours without any pain.

This is the perfect option for a gaming chair because it allows you to tilt or even swivel. You can even connect your X Rocker with your friend's X Rocker to enjoy multiplayer gaming at it's best, as the chair also has wireless radio transmitter system.


  • Pedestal circular base elevates you.
  • Power subwoofers give best audio.
  • Vinyl and foam guarantee comfort.
  • AFM Audio technology.


  • Arm rests are somewhat weak.
  • Requires external cushioning if you want to game for longer times.
  • Integrating with console is a bit difficult.