Best Floor Chair Reviews 2019

New Floor Seating with Back Support

Need back support to sit on floor? Some people need to reduce back pain and want comfortable and best floor chair for back support to severe the pain. These legless chairs are portable, adjustable, foldable furniture and also some of them are very cheap. We have reviewed 30, picked only 10 as the top rated chairs without legs. We have categorized floor seats into gaming, Japanese, Meditation, for Adults and Kids.

We think you will agree:

It is pretty much difficult to sit on the floor.

Since you sit on the floor, you have to either sit in a “sukhasana” like posture or you just have to lay your legs straight and forward.

In both situations you notice that you have an overall ach and stress in your back as well as legs.

Sitting on floor without back support definitely disturbs us a lot and also, everyone needs some cushion between their hips and the ground.

This is the reason why we have reviewed top 10 floor seats for you.

These chairs are very diverse when it comes to the model, the material and the purpose etc., however, you can pick any of them based on your purpose and I can say this with 100% confidence that you will like them.

In this guide you can read everything that you should look for while buying a floor sitting chair. There are certain criteria that I followed and based on that criteria I have declared a product good or bad.

Best Floor Chairs with Back Support 2019 Review

Here is a recommendation list of top 10 floor chairs with different specifications, prices and qualities (Adjustable Positions, Back support).

  1. BIRD ROCK Adjustable 14-Position Chair for Ground
  2. BonVIVO Easy II Seats for Floor (BEST)
  3. 14-Position JuJu Floor Folding Seat
  4. Back Jack Straight Chair for Meditation
  5. Big Joe Roma Bean Bag Chair with Back Support
  6. Ace Bayou X Rocker Gaming Chair With Wireless Audio
  7. Muji/Sundale Indoor Out Door Camping Chair for Adults
  8. Jhua 6-Positions Recliner Chair with Armrest
  9. E-joy Floor Lazy Sofa lounger Chair
  10. Giantex Lounge for Gaming, TV, Rest

1. BIRDROCK Adjustable 14-Position Floor Chair

BirdRock Home Adjustable Review

If you love nicely upholstered and square boxes furniture that is stuffed with good amount of filling and that you can use with many different sitting postures and position, then this floor chair is absolutely for you.

Before I talk any further, let us take a look at the pros and cons.


What we Like

  • Chopped Memory Foam Filling Adds to Comfort
  • 14 Positions to let you go from Nap to Lounge to Active Modes
  • Soft Plush Fabric on Outside
  • Lay Completely Flat to use as Mattress or Store

What we don't Like

  • Not big enough
  • Not much sturdy

Before I talk about the good things that this chair has to offer to you or your family members, let us talk about the stuff that people complained of.

The problem is that it is neither big enough (for tall people) nor sturdy enough to keep from flipping backwards.

Let us first talk about the size issue. The size of this chair is 41.25” if you only consider the length.

Yes, it is not too big, and using it as mattress requires you to have something else (even lesser soft) for the legs. However, it is big enough to sit for average height people.

The other issue was reported by only one customer. It is not sturdy enough. The metal structure is weak, so although it will not break, it can still flip backward.


That was for cons. Here is the detail of all pros.

If you take a look at this seat, you can see that it is a very well stuffed chair. The foam used inside the cover is a chopped memory foam.

This kind of filling is used in many products such as quilts, futons and mattresses etc. This is known for maximum comfort and ease.

The seat is 6” thick and the thickness of it add great deals to the comfort that this chair provides to the user. The thickness is same from back to the seat, and this makes it a very comfortable chair.

The call this chair something that is for universal use. You can use it in different postures, positions and styles etc.

From reading books, to watching movies to using this as your work chair from where you work on your laptop and earn money, you can do everything.

Also, the positions go from laying the chair flat (turning it into some sort of mattress) to making it something like a pool side couch to recliner to a straight back seat, you can change it into whichever chair you want to be in.

A polyester blend plush fabric is what you find on the chopped memory foam. The softness and smooth surface of this material complements the softness of the foam and as a result what you get is a soft and comfy feeling.

As I’ve mentioned it previously, this foam can be completely laid down like a mattress, you can use it then just like a futon (with help of some other seat or cushion because it’s small) or you can store it easily because it completely flat.

2. bonVIVO Easy II Floor Seating

bonVIVO EASY II Review


This chair is "Amazon’s Choice" and good for anyone who wants a light budget, light weight, but high quality floor chair with certain functions that can make it your choice.

In your everyday urban living style, you need a few good chairs to have good leisure time or ease to work. This might be the chair for that.

Here’s a look at pros and cons:

What we Like

  • Steady and Straight Backrest
  • Universal Use
  • Flexibility – 5 Different Positions
  • Low Weight and Sleek Design – Easy to Store and Transport

What we don't Like

  • Back Support Tends to Snap
  • Squeaky Structure

Starting with the cons:

The first problem is with the quality of the structure used in this chair. While most of the customers never had an issue, there is a handful of them who say that the back support tends to snap or break after a few months.


There is some price that you have to pay for a lightweight furniture. Lightweight means that it has to be handled with more than due care.

The other issue is with the structure again. It has been reported by one customer and after developing an understanding of the structure, it is easy to understand why this structure would squeak so much.


The pros of this product outnumber the cons of it. And here is the detail of all the pros.

With a touch of buttoned back, this is a very straight and steady backrest that is a perfect match for your work or leisure.

The material used inside and on outside of both: back and the seat, is the same.

The combination of PE foam and PU foam gives you a soft and comfy feeling, because it is not a hard foam. So to say that the backrest conforms to the form of the spine.

This is sort of all in one chair. You can adjust it the way you like. One of the most important reasons to like this chair is the flexibility of this chair.

It can be locked in 5 different positions. You can adjust this as per your favorite posture e.g. recline, work mode or poolside chair etc.

Likewise, you can use it the way you like. You can keep it in the bedroom, lounge or basically anywhere.

This is the chair that you need for 3 or 4 different chairs. Make it your game chair, work chair, movie watching chair or reading chair; use it howsoever you want to use.

The flexibility of the chair and its uses makes it a must have for anyone, especially if they are already looking for a floor sitting cushions with back.

Sick and tired of big and heavy furniture that is a nightmare to move or transport to somewhere? This chair is your friend with only 2.3 Kg weight and 17 x 21 x 19 inches’ size.

This means not only you can easily pick it up and move anywhere, it also takes much lesser space than any conventional chair. Due to the modest size, it is easy to pack and store anywhere: especially because you can fold it and reduce the size.

3. Ju&Ju 14-Position Floor Folding Chair

JuJu Adjustable Review

Flexibility is this chair’s code. It will fill your life with flexibility because there are 14 different ways of using this floor foldable chair. On top of them, there is light weight and modest size that make it more flexible to move and store.

What we Like

  • Adjustability – 14 Positions
  • Universal Uses
  • Chopped Memory Foam Blend Inside – Plush Soft Fabric Outside
  • Easy to Fold, Store and Move

What we don't Like

  • Structure is weak and likely to break
  • Not big enough for tall people

The “big enough” problem is really a big problem and that is mainly due to the structure of almost all of these chairs sparing one or two exceptions.

These chairs are split in half to make them foldable and with many adjustment modes. This is why the seat is just as big as the back and as a result, there isn’t enough room for legs.

The other issue is also pretty much common. The structure of these chairs is also prone to weaknesses because there is not enough support and the design demand them to be adjustable, which leads to a flexible structure which then leads to such accidents.

Here is all the detail that you should know about the pros:

We have a chair with 10 positions and now we have one that can be adjusted to 14 different positions.

Since they wanted to make a chair for all different purposes, they allowed this chair to be adjusted to 14 different positions.

From a straight as an arrow back professional chair to recline to movie watching mode to the poolside chair to laying all the way back for a nap, you can do everything with this chair.

While I do not know the purpose for which you need a chair, I can say this with confidence that with all the adjustable modes there, you can use this chair for about everything that can do with chairs.

Use it for work, for movie watching, playing games, just in the lounge for a casual sitting or for anything else that you can use a chair for.

This is a thickly padded chair with 5” thickness and inside it is filled with chopped memory foam.

This material is used in all the comfort items such as futons and other mattresses and comforters etc.

Needless to say that instead of a hard foam feeling you will love to sit in this chair and the outside material is plush and soft fabric.

Since it is a foldable chair, it is much easier to pick up, move, store and transport to another place.

The size of this chair is 43” x 20” x 5” which turns into 24” x 21” x 19” when it is folded.

The weight of this chair is only 9.37 lbs. You can see how easy it is to fold it, move or store it.

4. Back Jack Floor Chair - Japanese Style

Back Jack Review

If you think that all the chairs for floor sitting in this review are likely to break because there is no back support, you should try this one.

It has a unique design. Small support keeps the backside of the seat to go down or snap. This can be used for meditation and we have listed this item on japanese floor chair.

Here is a quick look at the pros and cons.

What we Like

  • Very Lightweight
  • Sleek and Stylish Design with good support
  • Easy to fold and pack
  • XL for tall guys

What we don't Like

  • Very Little Cushion
  • Not Foldable

Since this chair is very lightweight one, that weight comes only at expense of cushion. While it is padded and foamy to support your hips when you sit on it, there is not much cushion in the seat as well as in the back.

If you are a tourist, you can take this chair with you anywhere and that is the best floor camping chair as very less weight.

The other problem is that this chair is oversimplified. There are no folding modes, so you can enjoy only one posture.

Here is all the detail that you need to know about the pros.

Although the light weight comes at the expense of cushion and comfort, there is no denying that this chair is a very lightweight one. With only 5lbs weight, perhaps this is one of the lightest chairs in this review.

This chair has the most sleep and smart design chair among all the chairs reviewed here. And the best thing is the support that is provided to the back.

You know that customers of almost all other chairs complain about how their chairs snapped after a few weeks or months, well, this one will not, because it has support on the backside.

With only 5lbs weight and thin body, it is very easy to fold and pack or move anywhere. Due to less cushion, it will also take less space in your wardrobe or other storage places.

Another problem that many people face with these foldable chairs is that the size is not big enough to cover taller people. Most of the times, you will not be able to feel better because of limited space.

Not with this one, this is the XL version of Black Jack floor seating and the size is 2” wider and 3” bigger than a regular chair.

5. Big Joe Roma Chair for Floor Sitting

Big Joe Roma Chair the floor seating Limo Black


To start with, Merax is a floor chair with 800+ ratting. The design of the chair is that of a bucket chair; rest assured that it holds you well. It is kind of bean bag chair for floor, filled up with Meghan Beans.

Here’s the list of pros and cons.

What we Like

  • Very Relaxing Chair
  • Good for all Universal Uses
  • Bucket Seat with Soft Microfiber Cover and Chopped Memory Foam Inside
  • Lightweight – Easy to Pack, Store or Move

What we don't Like

  • Not Enough Support for Buttocks and Back
  • It tends to break

The cons first:

There are two main problems. One of them is the same the customers of all other chairs in this review have faced. The metal frame is not sturdy enough so it may break easily after a few weeks or months. However, this issue was only faced by a few customers.

The other problem is sort of specific to this chair. The chair is well padded and thick, but the part where it receives your buttocks is so thin that you can feel the metal frame.

Likewise, the back does not have enough support if you are tall and heavy. This chair suits more to people with average height and weight.

Here is the detail about the pros.

So the main position that this chair comes with is straight as an arrow. You can use this if you want to work or sit straight for any other reason.


There are five more positions from slight reclining to laying on the ground. You can adjust the seat to any of the required positions with one push.

Since this chair can be adjusted to so many positions, you can use it for all universal uses of a chair.

Use it like a recliner, a movie watching couch, a poolside chair or small mattress for a quick nap.

The dimensions of this chair are only 47” x 19 or 26” x 6.9”. As you can see that it is foldable.

You can easily move, store or transport anywhere. With only 11lbs weight, it will be super easy to do so, and it will be unlike your heavy conventional furniture.

6. Ace Bayou X Rocker - Best Floor Gaming Chair for Adults

Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE 2.1 Black Leather Floor Video Gaming Chair for Adult, Teen, and Kid Gamers with Armrest and Headrest

The best thing about the Ace Bayou X Rocker is the level of comfort and cosiness while playing games. Very thing steals framed, with beautiful black leather, Armest, Headrest. And the best thing for gamers is, Wireless speakers and controllers. It suits the kids and adults both. The thickness of the seat is 6” and with chopped memory foam inside you can imagine about the level of comfort that it provides.

What we Like

  • Soft and Plush Microfiber on Outside & Chopped Memory Foam Inside
  • Adjustable to 14 Different Positions
  • 6” Seat and Back Support
  • Easy to Move or Store

What we don't Like

  • Not Big Enough for Tall People
  • Metal Fame is likely to Break


Both of issues reported by a few customers are not new to a floor seating. As a matter of fact, these are the most commonly found issues with floor chairs.

The size of this chair is 41.25” x 21.25” x 6” and definitely if you’re above average in terms of height, depending on the use, this chair can be inadequate for you.

The other problem was reported only by hardly 1 or 2 customers. The metal frame of this chair is likely to break after a few months.

Here is the detail that you need to know about the pros.

The first and foremost preference that I personally have in terms of chairs is that a chair that feels good, soft and warm is a good chair.

This chair has a soft and plush microfiber on the outside and on inside it has chopped memory foam. This choice of material makes this a super comfortable and soft chair.

In terms of positions or adjustments, this chair beats all other chairs with 14 adjustment modes/positions.

From straight back to leaned backwards to reclining to poolside chair position to all the way back to the floor where you can use it for a quick nap, this chair replaces 14 different chairs.

The seat and back of this chair are so densely padded with chopped memory foam. The thickness level is the same: 6” in back as well as the seat.

Due to this, your hips do not hit the metal frame and you always feel very comfortable, sitting in this chair.

As I have already mentioned the dimensions of this chair, I do not need to mention them again, however, the weight of this chair is 10.5lbs.

This chair can be folded easily and then packed in a small space.

Due to its lightweight, it can easily be moved anywhere or transported to another location.

Considering the diversity this chair offers and the furniture it replaces, the weight of this chair is still not even close to the weight of your conventional furniture.

7. Sundale Adjustable with Back Support - Muji Floor Chair Alternative

Sundale Chair Review

Just like Merax and bonVIVO, this one is also honoured with an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ tag. The best thing about this chair is a different, soft brushed polyester feel to it.

Here’s the detail about the pros and cons.

What we Like

  • Adjustable to as many as 5 Positions
  • Soft Brushed Polyester Outside – Dense Foam Filling Inside
  • 4” Thick Padded Seat and Back
  • Lightweight and Easy to Store or Move

What we don't Like

  • One can feel the metal frame
  • Not big enough for tall people

The problems with this chair are roughly the same that almost every other floor chairs suffer from.

Then cushion is not so thick and this ends up pretty bad for one who sits in the chair. Within an hour or two the cushion sinks deep and you feel the metal frame hurting you.

The other issue is very common. This chair, like many others, is a sleek and stylish one. The size is certainly not its thing. This makes it impossible for some beyond average height guys to use it at all.

Here are the pros of one of the best 10 chair furniture for floor sitting on Amazon.

This chair can be adjusted to any of the 5 different positions.

From a straight back to recline to poolside couch position to all the way back to the floor for a quick nap, you can do whatever you want to do with a chair if you have this floor chair.


You have to give this credit to Sundale chair. It is different from all other chairs in this list. The material that most of the chairs have on outside, is microfiber so to give the chair a plush feeling.


This chair is different. In case you need a chair that would not succumb to you and keep your backbone in check, this is what you need. It has brushed polyester feel on outside and a dense foam filling inside which keeps you from sinking into it.

The 3.4” thick padded back and seat is enough to provide you good cushion and comfort. Since this is not the kind of chair that is made with the intention to sink the user into it, the cushion type and thickness is just perfect for day-long use.

With only 6.4lbs weight, this chair is not even close to the lightest piece of furniture that you might have in your living room.

Since it is modest in size and light in weight, it can easily be packed, stored, moved or transported to any place.

8. Jhua 6 Positions Floor Recliner Chair

Jhua Home Floor seat review

If you need a chair to sit on floor that you will drag to the bright balcony, sit in, enjoy some beverage and sleep for a good hour or two, this is the chair to go with.

Check out the pros and cons of this chair.

What we Like

  • 6 Different Angles of Adjustment
  • Soft Fleece on Outside and High Elastic Foam Sponge Inside
  • 7” Thick and Densely Padded Seat as well as Back
  • Foldable and Moveable

What we don't Like

  • Small for Tall Guys
  • Seams are Weak

So the first problem with this chair is what you will find with almost every other chair in this list. It is foldable, the seat and cushion are of the same dimensions, so it is not ideal for people taller than average.


The other problem seems to be more serious. It has been reported that this chair’s seams are not very strong and it gets ripped inside out due to which not only it looks bad, but foam starts coming off.

Here’s what I will say about the pros of this product.

From straight like an arrow office chair to recliner to poolside couch to a small mattress that you can use for a quick nap, this chair gives you all the comfort that you need. With 6 different positions, it definitely replaces 6 different furniture pieces.

On the outside, this chair has a soft fleece cover and inside is padded with a high elastic foam sponge. This is known as one of the best fillings because elastic foam does not easily lose its shape.

From the seat to the back, it is 4.7” thick and this thickness is good enough to make you feel comfy. You would definitely not hit the metal frame of the chair and using it as a mattress will also be a sigh of relief.

When it is time to store it or move it from one place to another place e.g. transporting it from one place to another place, you can easily do this because the weight of this item is only 5.73lbs.

It can be folded and thus it takes less space when you store it.

9. e-joy Floor Chair

E joy lounger chair

If you want a floor chair that can take you from flat to 90 degrees with a simple push, this is the chair to go with.

Let us take a look at the pros and cons.

What we Like

  • 4 Positions – Flat to 90 Degrees
  • Removable Cover for Easy Washing
  • Universal Uses
  • Easy to Pack and Store or Move

What we don't Like

  • Not for Tall People
  • Seams are not good quality

Well, as you can see the problems with this one are almost the same that all other chairs have.

The first and most common issue is that of size. However, one must know that this is a pillow to sit on floor (chair) so size can be an issue and taller than average people would always have the issue.

The other issue has only been reported by one or two customers. The seams come out and so does the inside filling.

Here is the detail of all the pros.

With flexibility comes the freedom of use. You can use this chair howsoever you want. In full 90 degrees position, it can be used to sit in and work, you can recline to watch T.V. or you can recline further to turn it into a poolside couch.

You can unzip the padded cover for a quick washing or dry cleaning. Since there is zip, both, removing and applying the cover are so easy.

Due to the nature of this chair and the positions that it may be used for many or all universal uses that are there for chairs.

Use it as your work chair, movie watching chair, lounge chair, chair to play games or just decoration. Another piece of furniture that you love!

The dimensions of this chair are 43” x 20” x 4” and the weight is only 5lbs. Definitely, it is one of the easiest to pack, store, move and transport.

10. Giantex Lounge Lazy Sofa - Floor High Seat

Giantex Folding Lazy Sofa Floor Lounger Bed with Armrests Review

I bet that you must be bored of reading about 9 chairs that look or work almost the same. Well, here, feast your eyes with a totally different and unique floor sofa.

Here are the pros and cons of this product.

What we Like

  • Extra and Detachable Cushion Seat for Height Adjustment
  • 5 Different Positions
  • Pillow and Ergonomically Designed Armrests
  • Very Thick Padding Sofa

What we don't Like

  • Last Recline Position is Glitchy
  • The Steel Frame is Likely to Break

Let us dissect the cons first.

Since this chair/sofa is totally different from others on this list, its problems are also unique.

First of all, it has 5 positions, but when you take it to the last recline position, it rather falls flat. This is a nuisance and definitely a con worthy of mentioning.

The other issue is with the steel frame, but particularly with the frame of armrests. It is so delicate that one or two customers end up breaking it.

Here is the detail of the pros.

Since height is a big issue with these chairs and people with taller heights have complaints, this chair comes with its own solution.

You can detach the extra cushion seat and get more depth in the sofa to sit easily. You can use the cushion to place your legs or foot on.

Excluding the 90 degrees’ straight position that can be called the stock position, you can bend it backwards 5 times to get good modes of reclining. The last mode will level the back to the ground and turn it into a mattress for a quick nap.

This floor sofa comes with a complimentary pillow and ergonomically designed armrests. This is the kind of chair that you need to recline by the poolside or enjoy the sunshine.

You can have an easy nap in it and the armrests make it some sort of easy chair that all of us wish to have in our lounges.

You do not need to check the dimensions of this sofa to learn how thick is the padding and how much it adds to your daily comfort.

This sofa is 5.2” thick, which makes it the thickest one on this list, and the flat position thickness is 21.7”.

Rest assured you would have the most comforting and calming experience in this sofa.

Verdict - TOP RATED (Editor's PICK)

Considering the criteria that I’ve already set at the beginning of this buyer guide and review, I think that the following are the best cushions to sit on floor in 2019:

  1. Giantex Folding Sofa – I considered it the winner because of innovating design and extra features, especially armrests.
  2. BIRDROCK Chair for Floor – I think this should be the 2nd best floor chair because of thick padding, nice use of materials and the number of reviews this product won.
  3. Merax Floor Seat – This one is the 3rd best floor seat because of ‘Amazon’s Choice’ tag and a design that is not same as all other chairs (which look exactly the sale) with exception of Giantex.


Based on these criteria you can pick any of these three chairs or you can expand the limit and get any of the ten amazing floor seatings that we’ve reviewed on this page.

  1. Floor Chair Buying Guide

Here are the most important characteristics of a best floor chair. Follow these criteria and make sure that you check most if not all the boxes.

If you want to buy a comfortable floor seating, it must have most of these characteristics.

Call it flexibility or adjustability, it is the same thing. If your chair can flex well and it can be adjusted in more than one positions, it is a good one.

Remember that these chairs are floor seats, but this does not mean that they are not good at supporting your back or offering you more than one sitting posture.

Whether it is foam filling or some other material, it must be known to you, so you can pick one and skip another based on your personal preference.

It has to be thick enough to give you a better cushion because this chair is the only thing between you and the cold and hard floor.

So, you should know that you need to buy a chair that is very well stuffed and thick, also the filling should be of the kind that will not lose cushion in many years to come.

This is not something that you should lose you sleep over. However, what it comes to personal choices, material becomes important.

Leather feels good and stays for a longer time, but if you’re sweaty from a workout or its winter, be ready to have accumulation of sweat on your back, itching and even rashes.

All other materials have good chances to deteriorate way before leather or faux leather. They will absorb the sweat and cleaning will be an issue.

In the end it is all about personal preferences.

I could find more points to add to the criteria, but in the ends these are the three most important buying factors.

Flexibility alone covers two or more similar criteria. I mean how much it flexes back, how many postures it can adapt to and how positions are there etc.

  1. Review

Now, without further ado, here is the review of ten best floor sitting. We picked these chairs based on their popularity on Amazon, diversity of functions and styles and overall based on the criteria that has been explained above.

Here, take a look at the 10 best floor chairs and I am sure that your search will end here.

FAQS (Question & Answers) 

1. Can Floor Seats be Adjusted?

It depends on which brand you are buying, but usually, floor chairs can be adjusted to various positions in order to better accommodate the customers. It is recommended that the customer check the product specifications in relation to different brands to get a better idea with regards to adjustability.

2. Do floor seats have to be washed and laundered?

It is recommended that you don't launder the chair, however, there are quite a few methods you can use to clean it.

One method is to hand wash the cover. You can do this by sponge and water while the cover is kept on the chair.

Another method is taking off the cover and then cleaning it by sponge by hands only.

These are great methods, However, be sure not to do it regularly, as these are the kind of products that do not really require daily cleaning and maintenance.

3. Does the backrest of this chair need something to lean on or can it sustain your back?

No, they don't need anything ton lean on, it can support you on its own. That is the purpose of the seat.

4. Can floor-seats be used as a seat cushion and backrest on a chair?

Again, it depends upon the size of the chair, but normally yes, should the chair be an accommodating size, you can use the floor chair on it.

5. Can I take the floor chair to the park?

Yes, you can, not only can you take floor seats to the park, but you can also take them to campsites and beaches. That is one great advantage of floor seats, they are portable and make a customer's life in these kinds of situations (beach and park) comfortable and enjoyable.

6. Can I travel long distance with my floor chair?

Yes, they are meant to be portable. And some brands create it for this specific reason. When buying a brand, make sure to research which floor chair is lightweight to make travelling easier. Also, it is recommended that you research the size specifications as well (in relation to the floor seat) so that you can fit it in your suitcase, accordingly.

7. How do you fold the black version of the floor seat?

In order to fold the floor seat, first completely unfold it and then fold it together in one go.

8. What kind of fabric is used to make floor chairs?

Different brands use different materials. Materials like upholstery filling, PE foam, and PU foam, synthetic fibre and cotton are common. It is recommended that you research the different brands' materials before making a choice as some people are very particular about materials.

9. Are floor seats heavy?

There are some lightweight and some are heavy a little. The answer depends on the product itself. There are some floor chairs that have wood beneath them to support them and then there are some brands that don't require wood. Usually, it is recommended that you buy a lightweight floor seat so that they are easier to move around and carry, as that is considered to be the best utilization of the product.

10. Can you sleep on floor Sofa?

Yes, the lazy sofa has big size and we can sleepover. Floor sofas can be used for any purpose, even sleeping. But it can't be used for long night sleeps, as there are many reviews that highlight that floor chairs are not comfortable for that purpose. However, for short naps, ground chairs are definitely recommended.

11. Where can I buy floor chairs from in The United States of America?

The citizens of the USA have a lot of options like Amazon, Walmart, Steelcase, and Overstock.

12. Where can I buy floor seats from in The United Kingdom?

The citizens of the UK can buy floor chairs from Amazon and eBay. And also provide.

13. Where can I buy floor seats in Singapore?

The citizens of Singapore can buy floor seats from Alibaba, Qoo10, Muji, Shopee Mall and Lazada.

14. Where can I buy a floor chair in the Philippines?

The citizens of Phillippines can buy floor seating from Alibaba, Philippines, Lazada, Furniture Manila, Mandaue Foam and Rakuten Global Market.

15. Where can I buy floor chairs in India?

The citizens of India can buy floor seating from Alibaba, IndiaMart,, and  Flipkart: 

16. What is a BackJack Chair?

Blackjack is a legless chair to sit on the floor with lightweight material and with strong steel frame for back support.

17. Do floor Seats sit upright even without someone sitting on it?

Yes, these chairs continue to sit upright even when someone is not using it. Furthermore, since there are some brands that allow floor-chairs to be adjusted in various positions, customers can also change positions to such a position that it does not topple over.

18. Could you sit on floor seats for long hours comfortably? And if you do, will it affect the posture of the chair itself?

These chairs are made for this exact purpose. Customers shouldn't be afraid to use it for long periods.

Sitting on this chair for long hours should not generally affect the posture permanently. If it does, then it most likely a low-quality floor seat.

19. Can floor-chair be used on my sofa in an upright position for posture/back support?

Floor seats are meant to be used on the floor (as the name itself suggests), not on hard furniture. But there are some brands who are accommodating with their products and create the product in such a way that floor seating cushions with back can be used on sofas. It usually depends on what kind of sofa you have, but normally, yes, floor chairs are flexible in the sense that you can use them anywhere, even a sofa.

What is a Floor Chairs?

So what actually are floor seats?. The most dumb resemblance of a floor chair can be made with that of a car’s seat. However, a ground chair is far more comfortable and more in size than a car’s seat. The resemblance being said just on the basis of shape of a car’s chair. A floor ground chair is just another chair without legs. With this being said, now you can recall the “dumb resemblance”. Most floor seatings have back supports also, some being adjustable while others are locked in their own position. You may rarely see one of those chairs without a back support, but you shouldn’t be buying it. Reason behind that is, those chairs are mostly meant for yoga and they are truly uncomfortable for normal people. There are many types of chairs for floor and you can buy them from various online stores.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy floor chair in India, Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore, you can check our webite and we will suggest you the right amazon product for you to select. being one of the best platforms for buying literally anything. This is probably one of the largest online stores, everything under one roof, therefore, you can also buy your favourite floor sitting from here. However, ikea markets also never fail to disappoint you and same goes for online stores such as eBay and newegg. Walmart is another great option which should be considered. Moreover, for the people United States, Rakuten is the ultimate option. You can search for a chair that suits you best, online and have it delivered at the comfort of your home or search your local market for that particular model.

You may also can try ikea and Walmart but they have very low collection as compared to amazon. Ebay and Target can provide you with great features. You can look their stores to find best ground chair for your requirements. 

Types and Kinds of Floor Seats?

Floor gaming chairs are not limited to only a few types or kinds. They have a lot of variety and you can find many kinds of floor chairs. It all depends on you and your needs. For adults, the chair types are different, for kids it’s different. Similarly, there are rocking chairs and some sturdy ones. More of them are explained below.