Top 10 Best Floor Chair Reviews 2019

Need back support to sit on floor? Some people need to reduce back pain and want comfortable and best floor chair for back support to severe the pain. These legless chairs are portable, adjustable, foldable and also some of them are very cheap. We have reviewed 30, picked only 10 as the top rated chairs without legs. We have categorized floor seats into gaming, Japanese, Meditation, for Adults and Kids.

While Floor chairs may not seem a really formal idea to implement in your office or at your workplace, they are really fashionable and more than that, comfortable enough to have them in your room. Read a book or use your laptop and tv the floor seats have a classic twist with the ease of being legless. This makes them compact and lightweight.

While all manufacturers would love to brag about their products, floor chair is something not same for everyone. What suits you the best, might not be the perfect choice for the other. So there remains only one way to choose the perfect floor chair for yourself and that is to read the reviews on various floor seats. But why various? Why not the best ones only so you have a limited choice to make. If you want Floor Chairs with Arms or Armrest you can check gaming section of website.

Top 10 Best Floor Chairs 2019

Floor chairs are an invention of great comfort. Most often, people would like to sit on something comfortable and “floory” enough. Particularly, students who have a habit of staying up late at night complain have issues with studying on bed as that induces sleep. Therefore, floor seats are a best option for them.

Name Use Rating Back Support Positions Price

BirdRock Home

Provide Back Support to Play games 4.5/5 Yes 14 Check Price

bonVIVO EASY II Floor Seat

Foldable on Multiangles 4/5 Yes 5 Check Price

Ju and Ju Adjustable Chair for Floor

Comfy & Easy sitting 4/5 Yes 14 Check Price

BackJack Floor Seats

best for backpain New Product Yes Fixed Check Price

Merax Adjustable

Multi-Purpose 4/5 Yes 5 Check Price

BirdRock Home for Gamers

Adjustable Solution 4.5/5 Yes 14 Check Price

Sundale Outdoor Indoor

Portable Chair to shift everywhere 4.5/5 Yes 5 Check Price

Jhua Chair

One for All 3/5 Yes 6 Check Price


Sleep and Comfort 3.5/5 Yes 4 Check Price

Sundale Multiangle

5-Position Multipurpose 4.5/5 Yes 5 Check Price

1. BirdRock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair - Best Gaming Floor Seat

BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair | Padded Gaming Chair | Comfortable Back Support | Rocker | Great for Reading Games Meditating..

BirdRock knows the main purpose of a floor chair and that is comfort. To ensure bed like comfort, the company had an innovative idea i.e. to make up chairs with mattress quality foam. This makes your chair much comfortable and gives you the feel of a bed. Be it hard floors or whatever, the chopped memory foam with the softer plush fabric gives you a perfect seat. With the BirdRock adjustable chair you won’t have to compromise on anything and especially when it comes to comfort, BirdRock has it’s best taken care of. You’ll literally just feel no pain even if you sit on for hours and hours. Interested to know more about it’s features? Well there is a whole list of them.

Universal Usability

Different chairs for different uses. Them getting old and buying new ones isn’t a very economical option. We all would like something which is no more than a one-time investment. Therefore, BirdRock invented this beautifully crafted floor chair which suits all your purposes. Be it gaming, book reading, mediating or “Netflixing” on your laptop. The chair gives you a variety of options to use it with. Just as a side tip, you can also use it for extra seating in case more guest arrive at your house than expected. Believe me, nobody would feel bad to sit on this royally comfortable floor chair.

More Bending Positions

We heard of you getting rid of fixed floor chairs, because how can we sit in one position for hours and hours. Obviously, one would want to change sides, or their posture and one should do that as recommended by the orthopaedics. The BirdRock floor chair, has FOURTEEN bending positions. From a straight 90 degrees to flat 180°, there are fourteen stops in the journey. So, now onward, you can even take a nap on your floor seat, or bend it as desired to watch television. The flat position also has a hidden benefit. This makes the chair, easier to store like you can stack up the chairs or place one of them under your bed or couch.


What we Like

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Good for Spine
  • Ease of storing
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight, compact and comfortable
  • Makes your floor functional

What we don't Like

  • Backrest is of shorter size
  • Only better for people under 5”

Expert Opinion

We observed many complains of the size issue for this amazing floor chair. However, size may be a issue but the real thing is that, this seat is adjustable so even if size is an issue at 90 degree, when we use it in flat position, the size is okay. Apart from these minor issues, which are adjustable, you do have a comfortable floor chair at your disposal. Kids have a safer spot to play on and sit rather than normal kitchen chairs which have a high risk of the child falling off.

2. bonVIVO EASY II Padded Floor Chair with Adjustable Backrest - Budget friendly (Under $50 )

bonVIVO EASY II Padded Floor Chair with Adjustable Backrest, Comfortable, Semi-Foldable, and Versatile, for Meditation, Seminars, Reading, TV Watching or Gaming, Elegant Design, Blue & Beige

Most floor chairs focus on colors for beauty. However, unlike most of them, bonVIVO came up with this floor chair, which is fully padded for greater comfort. And it’s not something like a bad colouring or poor designing, the EASY II Chair has a Blue and Beige color, and a royal design. It has a really convenient and locked on backrest which prevents any type of slouching. The higher backrest keeps, your neck and back in a straight position, thus also helping to reduce back pains while we mediate. Being lightweight and compact, it fits nearly into every space.

Flexible Positions

The EASY II machine can be locked on in five different positions. While this is not much of variety of positions, you can have an accurate lock down for gaming, reading books and for mediating obviously. This chair serves a full replacement to bean bags, because they are more of floor chairs but without back rests.  Kids also use bean bags for gaming purposes but the EASY II chair is there, in a fair price to give you comfort all day long. The flexible backrest can handle upto 100 kg weight.

Exceptionally Versatile

The EASY II chair is available in a variety of color schemes and designs. That’s not just the only point to brag about it. The EASY II has a small footprint, with high quality cover and inside foam. All of this ensures comfort and adaptability in every type of condition. With the stain-resistant, synthetically designed fiber, you can leave this floor chair with your younger ones, because a wet wipe is all you need to clean this floor chair. Three types of foam are added in the chair which neither makes it too thick but keeps it perfectly comfortable.

What we Like

  • Supports elders and heavyweight people
  • Cheap Price
  • Foldable to the inside too & portable
  • Carries 50kg weight
  • Stable backrest, lock on capability
  • A floor lounger, extra seat, and also a seat cushion
  • Eye catching colouring and design
  • Low weight

What we don't Like

  • Fixed Position, can't adjust it.
  • Foamy layers are thin
  • There is not any lumbar support extra
  • Strong synthetic smell

Expert Opinion

Our experts analyzed this floor chair and came up with a few words on it. Let’s hear from them. It is a good and comfortable chair, as long as you don’t sit on for longer than an hour or so. This is because, although three layers of high quality foam, but the chair is too thin and for sitting upon it for longer times, it sags down which causes pain to the user. Apart from that, the backrest is highly stable and doesn't even moves an inch after locked on, therefore giving you a highly comfortable experience. Other than a floor chair, it has perfect applications as a seat cushion etc.

3. Best Choice Products Cushioned Floor Gaming Sofa Chair Folding Adjustable

JuJu Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Gaming Floor Chair Folding Comfort Lazy Sofa with Comfort Back Support - Grey

Some brands, and some products where just the name is enough to describe the quality of it, Best Choice Products, as the name implies well, is one such company. The floor chair by Ju&Ju is an ideal chair. Whether you want to enjoy some hardcore gaming on your XBox, or you just want to relax at the floor, this cushioned floor sofa chair got you covered up. Just place it on the floor and all you have to do is fold it as desired. So one can keep it upright for mediating, flat for a quick, power nap, and angeled to watch Television or read your favourite book series.

Storage Friendly

As long as you are using a floor chair, every type of it gives you some level of comfort. The real problem comes, when you are not actually using your floor chair. Others with thin foams can be easily placed on the top of a cupboard etc. but chairs like the Gaming Sofa by Best Choice Products, have memory foam in them which makes them slightly heavyweight. Plus they are not tiny like others so it is risky to keep one of these on the top of your cupboard. The company itself made their machines easy to store in such a way that these chairs can easily lay flat, so how about under bed/couch spacing. Seems like an idea to work on..

What we Like

  • Fourteen foldable adjustable backrest positions
  • Best suited for children use and gaming purposes
  • Serves as extra seating capacity
  • Relaxing and comfortable
  • Available in a variety of colors and top cover designs
  • Height reclining supported

What we don't Like

  • Absence of a headrest
  • Not suitable for heavyweight people

Expert Opinion

Now let’s hear what the experts have to say about this chair.

Headrests, are absent in most of these things, in the recent days. It’s just a floor chair and not the one which can be used as a replacement to the driving chair, although it may look like one. Secondly the problem with heavyweight people is that they would lean back suddenly, which often causes breakage of the chair. Even if it is not a floor chair, it may break when sudden weight is applied on it. Therefore, heavyweights should lean back steadily and not much apply much pressure. Instead a logical tip would be to lean the chair with a wall if you don’t trust your weight. When these things, taken care of, the Best Choice chair really becomes your best choice!

4. Back Jack Floor Chair (Original BackJack Chairs) - Standard Size

Back Jack Floor Chair (Original BackJack Chairs) - XL Size (Tuff Duck Material) (Navy Blue)

A standard size floor chair is something you’d love to sit on. Reason behind is that with the standard size, you can easily sit on the seat and even lie down, comfortably. Even if you are a heavyweight person, the standard size got you covered up, because standard size is meant to handle most of the people with average weights. Therefore, the Back Jack Company came up with a Floor Chair of standard size. With the perfect combination of foam and cotton, you can get the best possible comfort.

Convenient BackRest

Most floor chairs have a problem with the backrests. Usually the backrest lock fails to work with heavyweight people and thus breaks off. At other times the backrest isn’t properly locked and gives a sudden jerk which is harmful for neck and back. However, Back Jack, as the name implies, is the jack of your back. Therefore, they integrated such a backrest which not only has an updated lock on system but also with a cushioning behind it. This means that you won’t have to worry when you have locked on the backrest once.

Sturdy Steel Inner Frame

The inside of the Back Jack is made up of pure steel. This guarantees strength and quality of the frame. However, as many other steel frames, get painful for the users when sitting on a floor chair for longer times, let us tell you, that this steel frame is covered in all cotton, so you get convenience with strength. Furthermore, it is an all-purpose chair which means it is equally beneficial and useful for mediating, as well as gaming, book reading or spending your free time, lying on it.

What we Like

  • Gives back support and helps with posture correction
  • Extremely comfortable, inner cotton material
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Standard size makes it fit for heavyweights
  • Easy assembly procedure

What we don't Like

  • Quite flimsy
  • Metal connecting pieces at the curves hurt shoulders
  • Backrest is not adjustable

Expert Opinion

This is a product among the top 10’s and the fact is that it is only suitable for a limited circle. Reason behind is that, although made up with a steel frame, but the frame is not covered at shoulders and other curved areas which causes pain in legs etc. Secondly, the backrest is not adjustable and this is something greatly discouraged because different people have different posture positions so a floor chair must be adjustable. Whereas, all these problems on one side but still those with the accurate posture positions and relatively less tall people can easily use this floor chair. It is 100% comfortable due to pure cotton stuffing inside.

5. Merax Adjustable 5-Position Floor Chair Folding Lazy Sofa Floor Sofa Chair Cushion

Merax Adjustable 5-Position Floor Chair Folding Lazy Sofa Floor Sofa Chair Cushion

Are you fed up with bean bags, because they don’t have a backrest? Are you fed up of chairs with backrests, because they aren’t comfortable such as bean bags? If yeah, then this Merax chair is the best option for you. This is because it is a large sized floor chair, comfy as a bean bag along with an adjustable backrest. All this in a very reasonable price. Just a look on it’s dimensions would give you an insight on how large it is, but that isn’t making it heavyweight at all. It is still a versatile, lightweight chair.

Strong Frame

With the evolution of floor chairs, the frame game is always going stronger. Now here we again have a steel frame, but apart from a comparison with Back Jack floor chair, we would like to tell you that this steel frame is hidden deep inside and covered in microfibres. The microfibre covering not only makes the frame smooth on your body but also gives it a longer lifetime so now, you only have to make a one time investment with this fully comfortable, sofa type floor chair.

Handy and Lightweight

It may be comparatively a giant sized floor, with relatively more thickness, but it isn’t something you cannot handle weight wise. It’s just approximately 12 pounds so this makes it handy to use. Furthermore, with 5 stops from 90-180 degrees, you can set the position as required, to have your posture correction. The backrest clicks in multiple positions and the user can select their desired ones.When you are actually tired with everything in this floor chair, just lay it flat for a quick sleep.

What we Like

  • Comfortable soft fabric
  • Available in two interactive colors
  • Best for spine, neck and waist pains
  • Suitable for gaming
  • Works fine with heavyweight people

What we don't Like

  • Quite flimsy
  • Works fine with heavyweight people
  • Cushion at the bottom is relatively thinner than at sides

Expert Opinion

Are you up for the expert opinion here? Well the experts say that Meerax chair is one of the best ones among these top 10. Although some people did complained of the cover. Well, as far as the cleaning purpose is concerned, it is a problem with this chair. The cover is tightly sewn so you just have to clean it like you’d clean your sofas. Secondly being thin at the bottom actually makes it more comfortable and only some people won’t like it. Other than that it has no problems at all.

6. BirdRock Home Adjustable Padded Gaming Chair with Adjustable Back

BirdRock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair

The memory foam chairs are always an all rounder. This is because, these chairs are designed with a perfect texture on them which means that they don’t catch dust easily as compared to the flat surfaced floor chairs. With BirdRock, you get to have quality and comfort as well. The recent invention by them, i.e. the adjustable padded chair which is surely meant for gaming because it has more than usual adjustable positions. By this we mean fourteen adjustable positions, so as to perfectly match with even minor posture requirements of gamers.

ZERO Assembly Required

Online shopping especially of furniture items etc. is usually greatly discouraged because most items are shipped in parts and you have to assemble them all then. Going against this tradition, BirdRock came with an amazing idea which was to assemble products at the jobsite and then deliver them. Therefore, if you would purchase this floor chair, you won’t have to search YouTube on “how to assemble it” because it arrives as a fully assembled package. It has a stuffing of chopped off memory foam pieces, to make it comfortable too.

Fine Top Covering

Soft plush fabric on a sofa chairs seems so smooth and comfortable. Similarly the memory foam mattresses on your bed are so cool and relaxing. BirdRock employed both these materials in the construction of their floor chair. The inside stuffing was put in an accurate concentration, so the chair is equally thick from all sides. Furthermore, being equally thick and made up of plush fabric the top covering won’t catch dust easily, which means that your seat would stay neat and clean.

What we Like

  • Universal usage
  • Fourteen position adjustment
  • Can be easily stored under bed etc.
  • Cheaper than many others
  • For extra seating capacity

What we don't Like

  • Not of much size
  • Lack of proper neck support

Expert Opinion

To give a final verdict to this product, just know that if you are under 5 inches tall, this is the best floor chair you can get in such a price with such features. The under 5 inches restriction is there because as mentioned above it has no neck support, so if you are able to compromise on the neck support, you may go with it even if you are above 5 inches. Storing this chair is a lot easier because it is foldable so you can literally place at the very back of a cupboard or you may even lay it flat to stack the chairs one over the other. Do checkout this one at

7. Sundale Outdoor Indoor Adjustable Soft-Brushed Polyester

BirdRock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair

Sundale floor chair is something you can use anywhere. Whether take it with you on a hiking trip, or make it on vacations, this floor chair can be used indoors and outdoors too. It’s easier to place this chair in your luggage bag because it is compact an it can fold inwards or lay flat too! Therefore, Sundale floor chair is something you must checkout at least once before replacing your bean bag or adding to your seating capacity.

Metal Locking System

The internal of this floor chair is made up of a strong frame and since it is back adjustable, it must have a lock system too, which should help you to lock the back as desired. Therefore, the company integrated a metallic locking system in the chair which clicks when the backrest locks at a specific positions. There are five of these specific positions, thus five angles at which the machine can bend and lock. A chair best meant for mediating purposes, and for youngsters who do regular yoga.

Easy to Clean

Floor chairs have this disastrous problem with them that if by mistake, you spill anything or them, or they get dirty in one way or the other, it is nearly impossible to clean and purify them fully. Most of the times, the covers on floor chairs are not removable and sewn tightly. However, Sundale, dared not to make this mistake again and therefore, they covered their floor chair in a durable, long lasting and zippered polyester cover. The most interesting fact is that it is zippered and thus removable so a lot more easier to clean.

What we Like

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Usable for wide range of purposes
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Padded walls and base guarantee comfort
  • Upright lock position for back pain cure

What we don't Like

  • Cushion may sag for heavyweight
  • Not thick padding on the back

Expert Opinion

The Sundale floor chair was rated by experts as a good one. With the sagging problem for heavyweight people, the solution given was that they may use an extra cushion at the bottom which compromises for the loss. Secondly, the sturdy metal frame will give you chills because some users complained that it is painful near the neck side. However, the brushed polyester material covering, and the dense foamy stuffing inside the chair is claiming that the steel frame is hidden and won’t be causing any pain. The reason behind the complains of some users was that they were using the chair with broken padding and torn off cover. So if you are confident with your weight, go with the Sundale chair now!

8. Jhua Home Adjustable Folding Lazy Sofa Chair Floor Cushion in 6 postion and Multiangle

Jhua Home Adjustable Folding Lazy Sofa Six Position Relax Chair Floor Cushion Multiangle

Jhua Floor Chair is the new talk of the town. And this is solely because of the durability and long lifetime of the chair. The customers were surprised by the amazing level of comfort, this chair has to offer along with a longer lifetime than all others. Jhua actually made a metal skeleton of the floor chair at first and then added all the comforting stuff over it. This skeleton is extremely strong and imparts strength to the whole chair. The exciting features of this chair don’t just end here, there is more to come yet!

Fleece and Elastic Foam Stuffing

Yeah, what is fleece? Never heard of that before, right? Well fleece is a soft material normally used in the inside of jackets and gloves etc. It is a widely used material but we have never heard of it. However, now you are able to actually feel the softness and comfort of fleece with the Jhua floor chair. The engineers at Jhua, used this amazing material, along with some elastic foam to stuff the inside of their chair. This mixed stuffing is solving two major problems. First, the bottom doesn’t sags down even after longer times of use and secondly the steel skeleton doesn’t hurts one at shoulders etc.

Six Position stops

The main problem with most quality floor chairs was that they have only five stops. These stops doesn’t have accurate postures often. Therefore, Jhua made integrated another stop position in the chair. These six stops are equally spaced and therefore you have a perfect choice of stopping and locking the chair wherever required. All of these six positions have been proven to be best for every type of purpose. Be it gaming, movie reading, midday rest at your office or whatever. The six position lock system is the perfect solution to accurate posture for any purpose.

What we Like

  • Easy to store, stacks on flat items
  • Equally spaces stops
  • Interactive color and Quality design
  • Comfort of fleece with a Strength of steel
  • Full after sales service and one year guarantee
  • Reasonable price

What we don't Like

  • Little than expected

Expert Opinion

Jhua Chair maybe a little bit hard on the backrest but that is actually the perfect cure to your back pain. And secondly this chair is soft on the bottom, therefore you need no extra cushions plus, the chair won’t sag down too! Neck support is absent but then we all know that nothing is perfect in this world so count that as a con of this product. Apart from all this, still the chair was highly rated as 4 out of 5 stars by the experts.

9. e-joy Floor Chair Sofa Home Essential

E joy Floor Chair Sofa is a Home Essential

e-joy came up with yet another sofa type floor chair. Their product is really a good one because it is available in various eye catching colors. Bright pink color, best suited for females while a Jet black color, suited for offices and formal places etc. There is a wide variety of colors available for this chair. And not just the color variety, you get to have some amazingly comfortable features with the e-joy sofa chair. The bubble type texture on it perfectly synchronizes with your body to give you an ultimate comfortable experience. You may even put this chair in a flat position and lie down on it or use it as desired...

Removable Padded Cover

The cover of a floor chair is most affected by dust on the floor and therefore it gets dirty. Especially those floor chairs which are available in bright colors, such as the e-joy floor chair, not just catch dust very easily but even that dust gets highly visible which presents a bad look of the chair. Therefore, e-joy came up with an entirely new idea for their brightly colored chairs i.e. to make the cover removable. When you are able to remove the cover, that means that you can wash it, clean it or even repair it in case it is damaged. This concept of a removable cover is the main benefit in e-joy chairs.

Adjustable Backrest

As like many other floor chairs, this one has an adjustable backrest too, with four stops from upright to fully flat position. You can recline the chair at any angle and lock it there so as to read newspapers or do gaming or movies etc. It is extremely easy to switch between the positions and the chair works perfectly as advertised. The level of comfort offered by the high quality, foamy internal stuffing is also unmatchable. Thus an all in one chair is at your disposal in a very cheap price than many others.

What we Like

  • Wide variety of colors available
  • Not too large, not too small, optimum dimensions
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry
  • Designed to give back support
  • Solid cushion, doesn’t sags down

What we don't Like

  • Gets flimsy for overweight people
  • Watch out while unzipping the cover

Expert Opinion

The e-joy floor chair is something the customer can really enjoy for as long as they take care of it. This chair has a quality internal frame with stuffing as such that many customers widely reported that they didn’t even felt an inch of the frame. And this is what also makes the chair highly comfortable and fun to use. With some problems in the zipper, the expert recommends to unzip it slow and steady otherwise, it would break off. In case of overweight people, this is not at all a suitable chair rather no floor chair is actually suitable for an obese, overweight person.

10. Sundale Outdoor Five-Position Multiangle Floor Chair

Sundale Outdoor Five Position Multiangle Floor Chair

Sundale might be a newbie in this field but the fact is that there products are a lot better than many others so called “experienced” in this field. With that out of the way, recently they launched their Floor chair in a royal navy blue color. With this semi formal coloration you can easily keep this chair at your office or any other formal event. This chair is not just meant for relaxing purposes but it also ensures a highly comfortable extra seating capacity to your uninvited guests. When summer's get too hot, we all wish to lie down on the marble floor which is relatively cooler than our mattresses. Keeping this fact in mind, Sundale made this floor chair with cool materials and adjustable to a full flat position. Therefore, you can now lie down on a floor without actually being there. Let’s see what exceptional this chair has to offer you.

User Friendly

This may seem a very generic term, but in fact a user friendly floor chair, as you’ll see ahead is something rarely found. Being user friendly means that most age and size groups can go with it. Same is the case in Sundale Floor chair. It is such a lightweight machine that you could even tell your five year old to bring it and they easily can. On the other hand, the company has left us astonished with the level of comfort they are offering. Such a foamy inside and a padded outside, along with a high quality polyester cover which won’t let you cause any type of rashes or allergies. All this is available in one chair, in a highly fair price. Don’t let go this floor chair!

Steel tube frame

The frame of a floor chair defines its strength and quality. Therefore, with the Sundale floor chair, you can have a trusted and powerful frame made up of steel tubes. These steel tubes impart strength to the chair as well as they are highly padded so as to give you a comfortable experience. Use this chair in your leisure time, mediate, use your laptop, read a magazine or watch your favourite talk show with this floor chair. All set to make your leisure time, pleasurable in its real sense. Even if you sit on the chair for long time, you won’t feel sick or numb because of the sturdy frame with foamy padding.

What we Like

  • Appropriately sized backrest, also gives neck support
  • Convenient to use with five adjustable backrest positions
  • Soft polyester covering, easy to clean
  • Removable top cover, thus you can also change it
  • Perfect to use at formal and semi formal places
  • Lies flat for easy stacking and lying down comfortably

What we don't Like

  • Fabric wears off at rough use
  • Strong potential odour for a few days

Expert Opinion

Here with the tenth and last product on the bucket list, we would like to tell you that some people complained about the fabric of the chair that it tore away fast. Reason behind was the rough use by them. Many people stack sharp items on top of a floor chair which damages it’s cover and frame so if you refrain from that, you’ll find no problem with respect to the cover of the chair. The potential odour is only due to high quality polyester which protects your chair from dust, is easy to clean and above all the soft brushing on the polyester guarantees comfort. The zipper allows you to take off the cover. Do note that the company recommends to clean the polyester cover with a wet wipe.

What is a Floor Chairs?

So what actually are floor chairs. The most dumb resemblance of a floor chair can be made with that of a car’s seat. However, a floor chair is far more comfortable and more in size than a car’s seat. The resemblance being said just on the basis of shape of a car’s chair. A floor chair is just another chair without legs. With this being said, now you can recall the “dumb resemblance”. Most floor chairs have back supports also, some being adjustable while others are locked in their own position. You may rarely see one of those chairs without a back support, but you shouldn’t be buying it. Reason behind that is, those chairs are mostly meant for yoga and they are truly uncomfortable for normal people. There are many types of floor chairs and you can buy them from various online stores.

Where to buy Floor Chairs?

If you want to buy floor chair in India, Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore, you can check our webite and we will suggest you the right amazon product for you to select. being one of the best platforms for buying literally anything. This is probably one of the largest online stores, everything under one roof, therefore, you can also buy your favourite floor chairs from here. However, ikea markets also never fail to disappoint you and same goes for online stores such as eBay and newegg. Walmart is another great option which should be considered. Moreover, for the people United States, Rakuten is the ultimate option. You can search for a chair that suits you best, online and have it delivered at the comfort of your home or search your local market for that particular model.

You may also can try ikea and Walmart but they have very low collection as compared to amazon. Ebay and Target can provide you with great features. You can look their stores to find best ground chair for your requirements. 

What is a BackJack Chair?

Blackjack is a legless chair to sit on floor with lightweight material and with strong steel frame for back support.

Types and Kinds of Floor Seats?

Floor chairs are not limited to only a few types or kinds. They have a lot of variety and you can find many kinds of floor chairs. It all depends on you and your needs. For adults, the chair types are different, for kids it’s different. Similarly, there are rocking chairs and some sturdy ones. More of them are explained below.

Benefits of sitting on a floor chair

The benefits of using a floor chair are pretty much the same as that of sitting on bare floor. And sitting on a bare floor, many people consider this activity healthy and some even say it to be religiously good. So a floor chair gives you the same advantages.

First of all using a floor chair helps in posture correction. Sitting on a floor chair with a sturdy backrest makes the correct posture. It also allows neck posture correction and thereby proving to be helpful in back pain cure. In this way, floor chairs are helpful for those who sit all day long in offices, reducing the risk of strain on joints and bones.

Floor chairs are also related with a longer lifetime expectancy and you might be really surprised but scientific studies prove that. Regularly sitting on floor chairs gives you the ability to actually stand up from the floor chair without using your hands and this is basically the key to longer lifetime.

Floor chairs have various health benefits. Eating while you sit on one of them helps you to digest food even more quickly. Moreover, it makes your body flexible and caters weight management issues so as to have an optimum BMI. Deep inside your body, sitting on a floor chair improves the blood circulation within the body and prevents blood clotting.Most people complain of sore legs but many floor chairs these days are designed as such to keep you away from this problem. These type of chairs are far better than simple sofa or chairs.

Guide for Readers

Floor chairs, most of them, are in simpler words, sofa chairs extracted out of a sofa and placed on floors. Therefore, one feels the perfect comfort and pleasure of a sofa on a floor chair too. While reviewing for the top 10 best chairs, we found out that the most popular brand with the users was BirdRock. Their chairs have the perfect amount of stuffing and the covers won’t catch dust too easily. Although there was a slight problem with the covers not being removable but a wet wipe would take it’s complete care. Last but not the least, do check for the following things before buying a floor chair.


Ideally, high quality floor chair should be available under $70 but something as expensive as upto $100 would go fine. Anything above than that is way to much being demanded and you should reconsider your choice


Go for bright colourings if you are keeping the chair at your home in the living room but choose black or royal blue covering if you are interested to buy a chair for your mid-day rest at your office. This presents a formal look.

Adjustable Positions

Most floor chairs have an adjustable backrest, some may lack this feature so do look for it. Secondly, those with adjustable backrests would usually only allow four or five stops. Again, this all depends on your requirement, so if you are buying a chair for posture correction, go with more stops. If you only want to read books and do some gaming then even 3 stops are fine enough.